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Arthroscopy South Austin


Dr. David Savage has been performing arthroscopic surgery in Austin, Texas since 1993. Arthroscopic surgery is used to diagnose and treat many joint problems, especially in the knee, hip, and shoulder with minimal incisions, less pain, and a faster recovery.

While major surgery was once required for sports injuries, today many problems can be diagnosed and treated through the use of arthroscopy. For example, arthroscopy can repair torn cartilage (meniscus tears) or damaged ligaments. Other problems such as inflamed joint linings, loose bone or cartilage fragments, and even misalignment of the knee cap can also be treated by arthroscopic surgery.

Procedures that can be performed arthroscopically include:

Arthroscopy can be performed to both diagnose and repair a joint problem, often at the same time. Arthroscopic surgery uses an optical lens outfitted with a tiny camera, light source, and miniature surgical tools to explore your joints.

During an arthroscopic procedure, a tiny incision is made to insert the arthroscope into your joint. Other small incisions are made as needed to allow the placement of specialized surgical instruments. These instruments allow the doctor to remove or repair damaged tissue. Dr. Savage is able to view the inside of your joint thanks to the camera located at the end of the arthroscope lens. This camera sends images back to a video screen. Many times photographs or videos can be made to allow the patient to see what the surgeon found and accomplished.

Arthroscopic surgery is done on an outpatient basis with reduced recovery time and less pain compared to open surgical procedures. Unlike other forms of orthopedic surgery, arthroscopy causes less scarring and damage to the joint.

Dr. David Savage's experience and success with arthroscopic surgery is shared in patient stories over and over again. To learn more about this minimally invasive surgery option, call Texas Orthopedics at (512) 439-1001 or request an appointment online now.