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Sports Medicine South Austin

Sports Medicine Doctor in South Austin

As the number of professional and amateur athletes grows, the need for specialized medical treatment for these athletes grows with it. To remain competitive and healthy, athletes require specific treatment for their various physical, psychological, and nutritional needs. To answer these new demands of elite and dedicated athletes, the field of sports medicine emerged.

Sports medicine uses various forms of physical therapy, alternative training, medication, and minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery. Occasionally braces are used to return athletes to their sport sooner and decrease the chance of injury to the same area. Muscles and tendons can also be torn while participating in sports. These require surgery to repair and reattach the damaged structure to allow for return to athletic activities. Physical therapy helps injured athletes return to their sport of choice more quickly after surgery or injury.

In Austin, Texas, Dr. David Savage and the Texas Orthopedics staff have experience treating athletes from little league through high school, college, and beyond. Innovations in arthroscopy have allowed athletes of all ages to recover from surgery more quickly.

Common sports injuries include:

Learn more about sports medicine conditions and treatments in our interactive patient library.

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